A project based learning: Marie Curie

Project based learning methodology fulfills a meaningful learning. As a consequence, in English 3 we work with projects. Therefore, we create our own materials. As the Pygmalion effect says: when climate, input, response opportunity and feedback are provided, students bloom.


A project based learning we are working on is “Women who changed the world”. Specifically, we are focusing on Nobel Prize scientific awarded women.

Marie Curie foto_video


Our first selection has been Marie Curie. Initially, we have read her biography. Secondly, we have split it into parts so everyone could collaborate in the task. Then, we have recorded an audio podcast with it.

Written by Gemma Colom (English teacher)


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Within this activity, we have worked the past simple tense. Grammar is the skeleton of language which will allow students to walk in the English linguistic competence. Therefore, after reading Marie Curie’s biography, students had to create the questions of the reading comprehension. They really enjoyed the exercise and the structure is definitely learnt. It is a fact that we are grammar lovers. Now, let’s choose our next scientific awarded woman!

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