English Language Assessment in Adult Education

Last Friday 10/11, the English teachers from the CFAs in Barcelona, attended a course about assessment in Serveis Centrals from Ensenyament.

It was interesting because we learnt some different ways to evaluate in class ( For/As/Of). Also, we were told about the exam at the end of the 3rd year (no news here, it remains exactly the same). Last year, over 70% of 3rd year students in Catalonia passed this exam, which is good news. And, just before the break, we learnt about the techniques they use in CFA Manuel Sacristan when teaching English and how they have implemented it over the last 5 years.

The last part was a workshop called "Unification of assessment criteria in Writing and Speaking skills". It was very practical, and very necessary because every teacher had different opinions when evaluating. Real writings and real recordings were used. We particularly liked the oral examples since they came from our 3rd year students in CFA Montserrat Roig. I want to thank them from here.