TED.com as a resource for learning English

Ted.com is an excellent web page to use in your English classes.

In this page you can find speeches about any topic you are interested in.

The most interesting aspects for me are that they are short (less than 20 minutes normally) and that you can subtitle them.




I use them with different purposes;

Sometimes just watching, discussing and writing a summary or an opinion essay about the ideas in the talk.

Some other times we do a contest.

Every student chooses a Ted to watch at home. The next day they need to tell the rest of the class what his or her Ted was about, and what made it so interesting. Later, we vote and we decide which is our favourite one and we watch it together in class.

I particularly enjoy this activity because we get to know everybody's interests  and also because we learn about a huge variety of topics that otherwise we would not have known about.


Written by Amparo Pilar (English teacher)